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  2011.10.22  21.58

Watching the hockey game and Sister Wives at the same time.  Quite a switch of mind set :)  Oil are in the lead right now so I am really happy but we've lost quite a few when we have led so no celebrating just yet.
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My kids are doing great.  The oldest wants to be a "bad guy" right now which involves lots of scowling which is so sad because he really was the smiliest kid.  Now, smiles are hard work to attain.  His little brother is a grumpy baby anyway which is hilarious.  He will stare down the most friendly of old ladies.  It is mortifying and hysterical at the same time. 

Just felt like posting something tonight :)


  2011.07.09  15.43
Big Brother

I just watched Big Brother.  My summer addiction and I cannot believe that they brought that man back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anyhoo, finished Game of Thrones, Justified and rewatched Wonderfalls.  All were brilliant.  :)


  2010.09.03  13.23

So apparently even posting once a month was beyond my capabilities.   I am going to try again starting this month!  

None of the new shows are really appealing to me yet but I will PVR all of them and give them a shot. 

Right now the summer TV that has me addicted is as usual Big Brother but the obsession isn't as bad as previous years.  I haven't really been rooting for anyone.  I don't find any of the truly offensive (annoying, sure) so there isn't even someone to root against.   Out of the 4 remaining, I would be okay with any of them winning the money.   The Saboteur gimmick was really lame though and I hope they don't repeat it.  

My other guilty pleasure has been Wipeout.    The hubby and I end up laughing hysterically every episode despite his claims that the show is soooo lame.  I watched the British version the other day and was shocked that I thought the American version was better.  Usually, with limited exceptions, I find the Brit version superior.  With Wipeout, it was like it was a real competition with a few funny remarks, while the US version is absolutely insane and the telestrator really does add to it all.  Very surprising :)

Other than that, my life has just been work, study and look after the almost 3 year old.  AND prepping for the new baby boy.  The studying will be done in two weeks, work in 1 and half months and baby in 2 months.  Just have to make it a little further! 


  2010.04.30  19.20

April was busy!

One of my friends had been attacked while walking home from the bar.  It was due to a group of homophobic boys who were shouting insults to a group of women.  My friend fell down and one of the boys took the opportunity to kick her in the face.  Luckily he was stopped from doing more as the one kick shattered her eye socket and broke her jaw.  She needed steel plates to fix the damage.   I had ignorantly thought that this kind of thing didn't happen here.  The worst part of the whole thing was the police officer didn't file a report until 5 or 6 days later.  There has been public outrage about the incident which helps restore some of my faith in the goodness of people. 

I am done my first trimester and am no longer going to bed at 8 in the evening and the nausea is gone!  I saw the baby on ultrasound and it was just as active as the first child.  This worries me a bit :)   The hubby has been really helpful and supportive since his abandoning me in March. 

I am still enjoying Supernatural and all my shows.  I hope it ends on a high note.  This season has been really depressing and I want something good to happen. 

I just love Community.  It brightens up my week!


  2010.03.30  17.40

March has absolutely been crazy!  I think this is going to be a bit of whiny post as that is where my state of mind is at the moment.  Sorry!  I am not usually this bad.  

So tax season has started and that makes for a bunch of extra work.  I was insanely ill when my husband went to Phoenix on a golf vacation (and went to two Suns games) and had to take care of our two and half year old while barely having the energy to move.  Thankfully, I have amazing friends who pitched in to help and took the little one to the playground.

I read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" which I loved.  The hubby bought me tickets to Simon and Garfunkel as an apology for abandoning me.  I can be easily bribed into forgiving  :)

Glad Supernatural is back on!!  Missed the boys and my girls SPN nights!


  2010.02.28  14.14

Under the wire on this one.

Just watching the Canada/USA hockey game.  It is way too stressful for me so out came the laptop to distract me. 

The Olympics have been so impressive to watch.  I think my fave medal ceremony was the women 2 bobsled.  All the women were so excited to have one any medal.  Yes, it was nice to watch the Canadians win first and second but I loved the USA ladies' reaction to bronze.  Everyone should be celebrating like that when they get a medal.  Some of the pissy faces on the medalists have really annoyed me - I mean, anyone who gets a medal should be so happy and proud of themselves. 



  2010.01.23  09.22

My resolution this year was to actual post on my journal at least once a month.   Here goes January. 

TV shows that I am following:  SUPERNATURAL, Castle, Chuck, American Idol, House, Modern Family, Fringe, Community, The Office, The Mentalist, Psych, Sons of Anarchy and sadly Smallville.  I am sure there are more that I am not thinking of.  Psych and Sons of Anarchy are only on DVD so I am way behind on both of those.  Smallville is the only show on the list that is a bit of a chore to watch most nights but I made a commitment to this show and I am following through.  Eight years and counting so I have to see how the silly thing ends

Supernatural 5.11Collapse )

As a functioning TV addict, the PVR has been a gift from the heavens.  


  2010.01.10  11.34

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?


  2007.12.15  10.48

I really suck at keeping this updated :)

Been really busy with the new baby and he will be 3 months on Christmas day. Luckily he is a pretty good baby by sleeping 9 hours at night.

Of the new shows out right now my faves are Gossip Girl and Life. I am watching Moonlight but really only because of Jason Dohring being on it. Really enjoying Smallville this year - I like the show having more interaction between Clark and Lex that isn't just shouting. Loving Friday Night Lights, Supernatural, and The Office.

Working on finishing my Christmas shopping and my addiction to reality TV. I was really hooked on Big Brother this year and bought the live feeds. Must NOT watch next year!


  2007.06.27  21.39

Since I started this account a year ago, I have been lurking on LJ. I am going to now make an effort to update and comment on fanfic.

Sooo - let's start this off!

I love TV, all TV. I am now watching Canada's Next Top Model and So You Think You Can Dance. I enjoyed Hok's routine tonight the most although Mary's criticism for Cedric's routine could be applied to this one too. Wade suited the dance for the dancer's.

I finished Season 3 for Rescue Me. I loved it...it continues to be really sad and funny. Denis Leary should get more credit for the show.

Big Brother has been a yearly addiction for me and I really do not want to fall into the same trap as I have in previous years. I will attempt not to watch it but I know I will start watching within a couple of weeks.

A lot of reality TV but there aren't many serial shows on during the summer. The fall will bring back some of my faves: Smallville, Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, etc.

Other real life issues: Work is sucking but it will be over in two months when I start my maternity leave. High school reunion is coming up which will be strange but hopefully fun.


  2006.08.10  23.56
First Entry

Just testing this out to see how it works. I am a huge Veronica Mars fan and am flying down to Burbank for the Booster Event. My friend and I are extremely excited to meet the boys of Veronica Mars. This should be a great girls weekend for us - neither of us have been to the States before and we plan on packing in as much as we can. We were going to go on a trip together anyway but when we thought we had a chance at meeting JFDOH, we reorganized the whole trip! I will be taking as many pictures as I can and will post them here.